- Be familiar with project Completion requirements and project EIT Design (P&ID/SLD/Block Diagram/Loops/IO’s) and project system boundaries.
- Be familiar with PCS for generating status reports and uploading in system Check records complete.
- Prepare electronic handover MC dossier in PCS.
- Populate in PCS:
- Check records and add in Job packs prior release to Construction
- Loops based upon Loop diagrams generated by Engineering
- Punch list generated by Completion activities.
- Linking in PCS Tags Event(s) to MC Packs.
- Review Job packs generated by Engineering and link to relevant Tag Event(s) in PCS
- Completion Engineer White Trade will report to the Completion Manager and interface with e.g. job setters and engineering disciplines for Clarification/processing queries.

Duration ASAP - 01.08.2020
Location Stavanger

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