Topic Summary Recap:

When someone mentions risk, it's human nature to associate that with something negative. However, proper risk management should focus on the positive (opportunities) and the negative (threats). Risk management for capital projects is no different. 

During this webinar, you will see how Pims Risk Management enables you to focus on the opportunities within your project and the threats. Its functionality allows projects to take a more proactive approach towards risk management. 

Pims also makes it easy to record new opportunities and threats as they arise so that your risk management plan is not stagnant.

Discover and see how to ... 

  • focus, manage and analyze your opportunities 
  • produce management reports 
  • have full visibility of all risks 
  • view the history and trends of your opportunities and threats 

Webinar Material:

Omega Pims Risk Management Power Point.pdf
Omega Pims Risk Management Webinar Questions and Answers.pdf

Webinar recording

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