Topic Summary Recap:

Are you confident in the quality and timeliness of information exchange at the interfaces between owners, contractor and stakeholders in your projects? 

Industry studies estimate 25% of all costs and schedule overruns are caused by poorly managed interfaces. 

Without consistent control over interfaces and contractor responsibilities, project risk increases along with the likelihood of schedule and cost overruns. 

Many try to manage project interfaces with Excel and email. However, as the complexity of projects increase, so do the number of interfaces, making this highly manual process costly and inadequate. 

We have a better approach to share with you during this webinar.

Discover and see how to ... 

  • Track of all your interfaces easily 
  • Spot bottlenecks and manage them to avoid project delays how to compare estimates, man hours, and actual costs across multiple projects 

Webinar Material:

Omega Pims Interface Management Power Point.pdf
Omega Pims Interface Management Webinar Questions and Answers.pdf

Webinar Recording

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