Topic Summary Recap:

Has analyzing and benchmarking your projects become difficult to manage?
Do you know if your project cost estimates are accurate and consistent with market changes - such as inflation and currency changes?

Pims Experience & Benchmarking system provides a whole new way to internally benchmark projects that is used by many companies to strengthen and standardize continuous success from within.
We discovered:

  • how to compare estimates, man hours, and actual costs across multiple projects 
  • how to streamline data collection and extraction - making it easy to compare and perform benchmark analysis 
  • how Pims supports the collection of numerous data types across various locations in complex project environments 
  • how Pims normalizes costs and compares projects based on type, region and currency 
  • how to manage project portfolio analysis by offering graphic reports of an entire project portfolio at any point in time

Webinar Material:

Omega Pims Experience & Benchmarking PowerPoint.pdf
Omega Pims Experience & Benchmarking Webinar Questions and Answers.pdf

Webinar Recording

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