One of our client's is in the middle of a series of digitalization and other extensive improvement initiatives. This includes introducing a new ERP solution for finance, supply chain and plant maintenance, establishing a company level data platform for machine learning and analytics, post-merger data harmonization amongst other. To manage these changes, align various initiatives from an architecture perspective and to manage the long term development of theire architecture, they are looking for architecture support in the enterprise information architecture/enterprise architecture domain to support in the digitalization and improvement agenda.

The architects will be a part of the Data & Information Management department, and report to the VP Data & Information Mgmt, pending a recruitment of a Chief/Lead Architect. In some cases, the architect/s may be allocated towards other business units and/or projects

In addition to architecture, the Data & Information Management department is responsible for Data Science & Analytics, Information Governance, Information Security, LCI Management, Subsurface & GeoSpatial Data Management and Document Management.

We are looking for candidates (1-3) with experience within the following areas:
- Architecture support to business units and improvement initiatives, including Supply Chain and Logistics, SAP, Document Management system (D2 Documentum) etc.
- Architecture evaluations and governance
- Architecture, information and integration strategies
- Development of conceptual and logical data models
- Development of ontologies
- Information flow analysis and design
- Master, reference and meta data management
- Roadmap development

Duration 01.03.2018 - 31.12.2018
Location Stavanger

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