Main responsibility:
- Establish and maintain project schedule
- Follow up and report the progress development including milestone achievements
- Assist in other Project Control / Cost control related matters as required

- Meet with all disciplines to secure ownership and agree activities, durations and resources
- Prepare a project schedule for project
- Prepare regular reports of progress against plan
- Establish and maintain main schedule, constraints, durations, float for project in cooperation with all disciplines in the projects
- Maintain schedule network, integrated schedules and perform critical path analyses in accordance with formats and procedures
- Establish and maintain the schedule baseline updates and forecasts
- Establish and maintain internal work plans
- Participate in contractual preparations and evaluations with focus on schedule deliverables
- Follow up and ensure the quality and consistency of contractors' schedules and progress measurement and ensure that these are in agreement with the project schedules
- Identify schedule risk and opportunities including follow up with mitigation actions – to be documented in the risk management system
- Assist in evaluation of schedule consequences of identified risk and perform schedule risk analysis
- Assist in evaluation of the schedule consequences of changes and critical interfaces, especially regarding critical path
- Communicate schedule, critical path and make latest revisions available for the project team as decision basis
- Contribute with transfer of experience to other projects as well as the discipline leader in the planning
- Perform schedule benchmarking towards similar projects

- Minimum 5 years of experience within the offshore industry, including minimum 3 years Oil & Gas experience.
- Subsea projects experience is preferred.
- Skills: Safran

Duration ASAP - 30.11.2018
Location Oslo

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