- Design HVAC systems for HV platforms
- Define required equipment
- Produce calculations of air flow rate
- Establish system and area D&IDs
- Establish datasheets for equipment
- Produce philosophies and system descriptions
- Discipline lead HVAC in large projects
- Follow-up of HVAC vendors

- Master Degree or bachelor degree
- Broad experience from large projects
- Experience from multidiscipline teams
- Experience with Cooling Equipment
- Experience with HV equipment
- Experience from projects outside Norway
- Experience with follow-up of HVAC vendors
- Min 4 years working experience within HVAC System Design

- Ability to work independently and thorough as well as ability to work in team
- Multidiscipline understanding
- Good communication skills
- Have a high loyalty to deadlines and quality requirements
- Be proactive, seeking advice and share own experiences with others
- Ability to understand new rules and regulations
- Communicate well in English – both oral and in writing

Duration June 19 - 31.12.2021
Location Haugesund

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