- The Engineer shall have the ability to assess that the design of electrical drawings, diagrams and other relevant information are in accordance with Industry Design Codes, using PC based programs, manual calculations and experience.
- The Engineer shall have adequate experience to adopt a practical approach to electrical engineering problems and be familiar with the requirements/interactions of other engineering disciplines.
- Have working knowledge in the checking of electrical drawings, diagrams, constructability reviews and EPCH supervision.
- Fully familiar with international codes, standards and recommended practices for electrical systems for all phases of a project.
- Through knowledge of Electrical Systems is essential.
- Must be capable to plan and participate and follow up design reviews and follow up of shop and field tests of electrical equipment and electrical control systems during all project execution phases.
- Ability to work to tight deadlines and prioritisation of work to achieve these.
- To support and assist the work of the EPC engineers and designers.
- To ensure completing all review and activities for the discipline within the approved schedule.
- Provide technical guidance on the application of codes and standards with respect to electrical engineering.
- Fully competent in plant electrical engineering and through knowledge of all relevant unit operations.
- Familiar with applicable industry standards and practices and recommended practices.
- System design and functionality for the electrical systems and equipment
- Ensuring the electrical design to be aligned with Authority requirements, other relevant requirements and the professional ladder.
- Focus on Interface handling

- Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering or equivalent.
- At least 15 year’s experience from electrical engineering