• Working with the Marshalling Yard labour, organize and oversee the storage of T&G components and maintenance of the inflatable shelters and associate equipment.
• Coordinate and plan the removal of components from the shelters for delivery by the T&G contractor to the Muskrat Falls powerhouse to support installation work
• Implement and participate in monitoring and surveillance programs to ensure component preservation is maintained.
• Co-ordinate with T&G contractor preservation repair work as required.
• Prepare daily reports of the maintenance, preservation and delivery activities.

The duties and job functions of the Equipment Preservation Coordinator shall include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Working within the project procedures, implement an inspection and maintenance program for the inflatable shelters and Goose Bay Hangar storage. Provide supervision of the Marshalling yard labor to ensure the program is properly executed. This may include removal of snow from on and around the shelters, fueling and operation of heaters and maintenance of air pumps.
• Implement a monitoring program to ensure suitable storage conditions are maintained and confirm that the component preservation is maintained.
• Work with the T&G contractor to develop and implement a schedule of parts removal to support the delivery of parts to the powerhouse as required for the installation work.
• Monitor all T&G equipment lifting activities to ensure approved lifting protocols are adhered to.
• Plan and supervise the sliding of shelters to permit removal of parts.
• Supervise the labor provided at the Marshalling for preservation activities.
• Provide support as necessary for the operation of the Marshalling Yard and Goose Bay Hangar storage.

Bachelor of Engineering (mechanical engineering or electrical) or Technical Diploma, supplemented by experience in construction QA/QC oversight, monitoring and surveillance activities for large civil projects, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
• 3 to 5 years of field experience in performing mechanical installation monitoring and surveillance inspection activities on construction projects;
• Experience in construction quality control, including execution of inspection and test plans;
• Demonstrated ability to digest and interpret construction Agreements including ability to read and interpret drawings, specifications, codes and standards;
• Experience with construction of hydroelectric projects, such as large mechanical and electrical equipment's handling and repairs etc.
• Previous experience with LCP Project considered an asset.