The responsibility of this team is to bring the software development discipline into Johan Sverdrup, and by that creating an innovative and exciting cross-functional environment for software deliveries. The team run according to agile principles, with focus on MVP and iterative deliveries. Part of the team’s responsibility is to mature and evaluate ideas and set the agenda for which tasks are to be worked on. They work closely with the petroleum technology experts to see how software development can help their day to day work.

- Hands on full stack software developer
- Broad experience with different technology stacks, platforms and programming languages
- Competent in JavaScript with React, preferably with some Python experience
- Familiar with Unix and cloud solutions like Azure
- Software craftsman focused on clean code and short feedback loops
- Agile mindset and able to influence others in this
- A driver for implementing Continuous integration/deployment pipelines
- Experienced with Git
- Independent with a strong developer identity, able to be one of a few software developers in a team with several other disciplines
- Some experience with geology, petrophysics or reservoir modelling would be beneficial.
- Preferably a good understanding of basic physics and statistics
- The ability to learn fast is a must

Duration 11.02.2019 - 31.01.2020
Options 1 x 12 months
Location Stavanger

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