- Bumper & guide concept design
- Grillage & seafastening concept design
- Interface with marine contractors
- Load out engineering concept
- Conceptual design of temporary structures
- Input to general lifting, transport and installation for modification work
- Transport analysis
- Installation analysis
Required Education:
- Masters or Bachelor degree in engineering, preferably within Marine Technology, Naval Architect 
Required work experience: :
- Minimum 8 years (Masters degree) or 10 years (Bachelors degree) of experience within marine engineering and operations on NCS
- Experience with offshore modification projects and handling of modules / installation work
- Experience with heavy lifting offshore
- Experience with Yard load out, i.e. weighing, multiwheel trailer site move onto barge, etc
- Experience with lifting calculations
- Experience with structural design
- Experience with marine analysis (transport/motion, stability, mooring, etc)

Required qualifications:
- Have good communication skills in English, (Norwegian preferred) – both orally and in writing
- Have a cooperative working attitude  
- Be systematic and accurate
- Have a high loyalty to deadline and quality requirements  

Duration 23.01.2017 - 31.08.2017
Options Possible extention
Location Stavanger

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