- Accountable for performing highly complex functional tasks / assignments and implementing original technical solutions.
- Provide discipline specific technical guidance as Local functional TA2
- Mentor less experienced employees.
- Deliver Production Technology projects.
- Contribute to top management reviews and functional strategies.
- Advise in the area of functional technical expertise within the organization.
- Develop new functional tools and workflows.
- Complete complex technical/professional assignments, tasks and projects with perfection and qualitty.
- Define individual objectives in line with the department objectives.
- Decide within area of responsibility in a more complex and dynamic environment.
- Apply proven workflows and deliver discipline specific workstreams within a project.
- Implement defined procedures, make contributions to improve the efficiency of specialist discipline workflows and plan specific discipline workstreams within projects.
- Keep abreast of industry and academic technology developments in the relevant fields.
- Identify, evaluate and propose innovative production technology strategies to enhance well performance.
- Interfacing with working interest partners, service companies, consultants, and regulatory agencies if and when required.
- Identify and evaluate key technical risks related to completions, inflow and outflow performance and identify and incorporate mitigations into the base plan for these well related risks.
- Provide production technology input for field development plans and assure appropriate review and assurance for all work done in these areas
- Share knowledge with other members in the team and lead pre-execution planning meetings and after action reviews.
- Recommend solutions to problems and concerns related to completion design and well operation.
- Compile and approve post job reports ensuring lessons learned are recorded and incorporated in future programs.
- Full integration of economic thinking in all projects and tasks.
- Identify need for performing laboratory testing to establish correct input parameters for further technical studies*
- remain updated and engaged with current industry innovation and technology advances and work to ensure this knowledge is incorporated into DigitUP and other company innovation developments

Specific requirements:
- Expertise in artificial lift technologies including those for gas lifting, electrical submersible pumps, and other.
- Design and optimization of artificial lift installation for specific projects and assets.
- Provide proposals for artificial lift completions under supervision by a senior engineer in liaison with other relevant departments.
- Provide optimization for artificial lift systems.
- Evaluate artificial lift equipment and software standardization.
- Perform integrated asset modelling with MBAL, PROSPER and GAP software.
- Perform analysis, design and optimization of completion and workovers for assigned assets and projects.
- Optimize well production through analysis and design of well completion and workovers.
- Review and analyse equipment and material selection. Advise, together with the laboratory, on required steel grades for different applications.
- Knowledge of flow assurance issues. Assist in the analysis of those and provision of solution for mitigation of FA issues together with FA advisors.
- Recommend and implement ways to improve well productivity.
- Knowledge in well stimulation design and execution. Be familiar with stimulation technologies.
- Be responsible for health, safety, security and protection of the environment at the workplace, participate in HSSE trainings according to competency maps, and contribute to integrate HSSE into the company culture.

Special responsibilities/requirements:
- Fast identify needs for technical studies by use of "data level" as given from partner operated assets
- Wnowledge of organization of Norwegian petroleum business and operators inhouse organization
- Working interdisciplinary and being able to identify need for studies and data, following this and initialize activities (studies and laboratory testing) achieving these data
- Work and behave as a single PT resource within both operating and partner operated fields. By this being able to take important descisions and give recommendations.
- Working role as TA2 within PT for Norway.

- Education: University degree Master / Diplom
- Subject of education: Petroleum Engineering or related subject area
- Relevant professional experience: 10-15 years
- Technical lead with extensive understanding of all elements within their discipline.
- Excellent knowledge of interdependencies.
- Experience with managing complex workflows with neighbouring disciplines.
- Extensive inventory of knowledge and work experience including an international posting.
- Track record of delivery across a range of reservoirs & countries worldwide.
- Cross department secondments within Petroleum Engineering.
- Leading Expert in at least 2 key Production Technology discipline area: (1) Completion & Workover, (2) Artificial Lift and Integrated Asset Modelling, (3) Stimulation, (4) Flow Assurance including Sand and Water Management, (5) Well Testing.
- Experience with MBAL, PROSPER, GAP and/or WELLCAT, NETool, and/or FracPro / Gohfer, and/or Multiscale.

Soft skills including
- Good communication and presentation skills.
- Willingness to travel and/or relocate.
- Critical thinking.
- Active listening, active learning.
- Complex Problem Solving, Troubleshooting.
- Able to work with and develop people.

Duration ASAP - 6 months with a possibility to extend
Location Stavanger

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