The Spillway Coordinator will supervise four (4) River Management Technicians/Operators, providing daily direction. The Spillway Coordinator will also provide direction to contractor(s) responsible for removal of debris from the reservoir and those performing maintenance/construction on the log boom/hazard buoys/safety signage.

The Spillway Coordinator will have the responsibility and authority to make decisions related to spillway operations for maintaining desired headpond/reservoir levels and downstream flows, while ensuring safe spillway operations with consideration to inflows, spillway capacity and ongoing construction activities at the Muskrat Falls site.

The Spillway Coordinator will report to the Muskrat Falls Deputy Construction Manager for the day-to-day safe operation of the spillway facilities.

In addition, the Spillway Coordinator will report to the Area Manager River Operations for the development of procedures/processes for spillway operations and non-spillway related river management work activities.

The Spillway Coordinator will provide day to day direction on the safe operation of the spillway facilities during river diversion at Muskrat Falls with operations planned in conjunction with the River Management Team located in St. John's office. The incumbent will supervise the River Management Technicians/Operators and will be required to assume the duties of these personnel during critical flow periods or during off-shifts of River Management Technician/Operator. The Spillway Coordinator is expected to understand hydrological and meteorological variables, the functionality of the spillway, and the construction activities occurring during diversion and shall coordinate with the site team to ensure safe and efficient spillway operations that align with site construction requirements.

1. River Management Coordination - General
• Coordinates with the River Management Team to plan and coordinate spillway operations during diversion.
• Coordinates with the River Management Team to develop and implement comprehensive operating instructions, procedures, and training procedures for River Management Technicians/Operators.
• Supervises, directs and co-ordinates the activities of River Management Technicians/Operators at Muskrat Falls to ensure safe operation of the structures within the recommended parameters.
• Ensure River Management Technicians/Operators have the necessary training.
• During critical periods or as required to provide adequate personnel coverage, will perform duties of River Management Technicians/Operators, including gate operation, as necessary.
• Administrative duties such as coordination of shift schedules for River Management Technicians/Operators, approval of all timesheets, expense claims, etc.
• Is familiar with all Emergency Response Procedures for the Muskrat Falls spillway.
• Responsible for personal safety and that of co-workers by observing and promoting the Nalcor/LCP Safety and Health Program.
• Responsible for any environmental aspects of the job and performing work in an environmentally responsible manner.
• Performs other related duties as required.

2. Spillway Gate Operation, Monitoring and Coordination
• Understanding of spillway mechanical, electrical and control systems and the capabilities and limitations of these systems.
• Operates the Muskrat Falls spillway gates to ensure safe passage of flow and control of water levels.
• Understanding and awareness of river and gate conditions and makes recommendations for any change in operating schemes.
• Closely monitors flow conditions and patterns during gate operations to identify any adverse conditions.
• Exercises gates to ensure operability.
• Monitors condition of spillway structure and equipment through on-site inspections and regular review o operating records and documents.
• Coordinates any required spillway maintenance, and ensures headpond levels are managed during maintenance.
• Troubleshoots gate operational issues and makes recommendations for solutions.
• Maintains access to the spillway electrical building and any other control or monitoring facilities via coordination with required on-site personnel.

3. River Monitoring
• Monitors upstream and downstream water levels and flow patterns.
• Ensures flow releases are above minimum flow requirements during impoundment or headpond/reservoir.
• Verifies water level gauge instrumentation is functioning and reliable. Troubleshoots and coordinates any required maintenance.
• Verifies gauge data via manual reading of staff gauge.
• Monitors and records upstream and downstream ice conditions.
• Monitors and records upstream and downstream bank erosion.
• Monitors and records any observations of public activity.
• Monitors performance of the debris/ice/safety boom and debris accumulation.
• Coordinates removal and management of debris collected at debris/ice/safety boom, as well as other debris removal activities that may occur along the Churchill River.
• Coordinates any required maintenance for debris/ice/safety boom, as well as installation and removals of seasonal buoys (portage and hazard markers).

4. Inspections and Reporting
• Performs inspection of cofferdams (dam safety monitoring).
• Performs inspection of public safety infrastructure (signage, fencing,etc).
• Prepare weekly reports for management on spillway operations, cofferdam inspections and river management activities.

5. Safety and Construction Interface
• Work with construction area managers to ensure spillway operations taken into consideration when preparing work plans and schedules.
• Work with site services managers and construction area managers to ensure spillway operation and reliability is not negatively impacted by construction activities and that the spillway facility is accessible.
• Monitor work permits related to the spillway and areas that may be impacted by spillway operations.
• Work with LCP Safety to ensure safe operation and maintenance of the spillway and debris/ice/safety boom.
• Work with Construction Management Team to interface with contractors during railway construction.

6. Completions/Commissioning/Turn Over to Owner
• Authorize isolation/de-isolation of spillway gate systems to support construction and commissioning activities.
• Liaise with maintenance contractors and planning to schedule and perform maintenance activities.
• Work with installation contractors O&M manuals to ensure SOP's area created and maintained as required.
• Work with Nalcor Operations to ensure all requirements established for turnover of spillway facility have been achieved and are verified.

Graduation from a recognized university with a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, eligible for membership in PEGNL. Suggested minimum of ten (10) years of progressively responsible multidisciplinary experience at a hydroelectric facility. Technologist(s) with suitable experience may be considered.

• Minimum of ten (10) years experience in either management, or the operation and maintenance of Hydro plants.
• Excellent communication skills, with the ability to supervise others and to coordinate with a number of individuals in time-sensitive situations.
• Computer knowledge.
• Shall have a thorough knowledge of all regulations and safety rules.
• Must possess an appropriate valid driver's license.
• Other combinations of relevant work experiences and education may be considered.