This position will have direct reports. Incumbent is expected to demonstrate a high degree of personal initiative in carrying out his/her duties and responsibilities.

Under the authority of the Project Manager — Muskrat Falls Generation, the Area Manager — Mechanical and Electrical will have the authority to interface directly with, assign deliverable requirements to, and provide direction to disciplines and functions within the Project Delivery Team to ensure delivery of all MFG Mechanical and Electrical Packages. The position will direct the activities of engineering, procurement, construction, quality assurance, project services, and completions assigned to support the scope delivery, including direct reports (as required).

Working within the Project Delivery Team, and with accountability residing with the Project Manager — Muskrat Falls Generation, the Area Manager — Mechanical and Electrical is responsible for the overall delivery, including scope, cost and schedule management, of all Mechanical and Electrical Packages. Responsibilities span from detailed engineering phase to completions, including contract and construction management. The Area Manager Mechanical and Electrical will provide project execution leadership and direction throughout the development and execution phases (engineering, procurement and construction) of these works. The incumbent will be a key member of the Project Delivery Team and will interface extensively with the Project Manager — Muskrat Falls Generation and MF Site Team, as well as with the team's senior personnel.

The duties and job functions of the Area Manager Mechanical and Electrical shall include, but are not limited to, the following:

- Overall delivery of the following works and services (Packages):
• Supply and Install Turbine and Generators
• Supply and Install Balance of Plant
• Supply and Install Powerhouse and Spillway Hydro-Mechanical Equipment
• Supply and Install Powerhouse Cranes
• Supply and install Powerhouse Elevator
-Identification of cost and schedule drivers, and implementation of associated optimization opportunities.
- Work with Project Controls to ensure effective cost and schedule control for the work, including regular schedule and cost trend reviews. Monitor project deliverables and milestones and ensure compliance with project schedule.
- Identification of changes and subsequent management of approved changes, in accordance with Project protocols.
- Identify delivery risks and develop/implement associated risk management plans.
- Organize and lead meetings related to delivery of package(s), working to resolve issues that could impact overall delivery.
- Ensuring all relevant team members have a clear understanding of their roles, deliverables and authority and are engaged and executing their tasks as required.
- Facilitating problem resolution and having responsibility to ensure closure.
- Highlight and monitor critical items in cooperation with other team members.
- Communication with and provision of relevant information to the Project Delivery Team members, including ensuring cost and time objectives for the scope.
- Work closely with the respective Project Services / Planner(s), Engineering Manager(s), Company's Technical and Design Integrity group, Construction & Completions Managers, Quality Assurance, and other functional expertise during the design, procurement and construction phases of the Project.
- Ensuring management system requirements, methods / tools are being employed, are effective and opportunities for improvement are identified and implemented.
- Provide input into Monthly Reports.

- Work with H&S and Environmental to develop and implement H&S and Environmental Surveillance Plans for supplier / contractor's engineering, procurement, fabrication, constructions & completions activities using a criticality risk-based approach.
- Approve supplier and contractor H&S and Environmental plans.
- Ensuring opportunities for improvement (safety, environment, cost, schedule, quality) are items of focus and vigorously championed.
- Shall work in accordance with the Health and Safety Policies & Procedures and strive to eliminate any potential risk which could result in personal injury or occupational illness.
- Shall be familiar with the Environmental Policy and Guiding Principles and applicable environmental Standard Operating Procedures

Engineering Deliverables Management
• Ensuring deliverables meet all requirements, including all engineering, procurement, commercial and environmental deliverables required to be able to place purchase orders, award contracts and commence the construction works in accordance with the projects' schedules.
• Ensure adequate engineering resources are assigned to ensure deliverables are produced in accordance with required schedule.
• Oversee Supplier's / Contractor's preparation of Design Documentation; in addition perform review and coordinate comment response sheets.

Interface Management
- Ensure all package interfaces are clearly identified and scheduled with responsibility allocated.
- Liaise with LCP and Contractor Interface coordinators to ensure interfaces are progressed in a timely manner.
- Establish and maintain the required communications to effectively identify and manage scope interfaces.
- Develop and implement strategies to manage external interfaces (e.g. regulators).
- Interface with Environmental and Regulatory Compliance Team to ensure all requirements are understood and met.

Contract Management
- Lead member in contract formation and negotiation. Work with Buyer / Contract Administrator to ensure key procurement activities and recommendations are undertaken, development and approval of contracting strategy, bidder's list, bid evaluation plan, award recommendation, final contract for execution, and that the necessary financial authorizations (i.e. requisitions) are in-place.
- Following award, work with Contract Administrator to ensure obligations of both Company and Contractor are adhered to, including progress certification and invoice approval.
- Ensure claims avoidance and management strategy is implemented for the scope.

Quality Assurance
- Approve supplier and contractor quality plans.
- Work with Quality Assurance to develop and implement Surveillance Plan is in-place for supplier / contractor's engineering, procurement, constructions & completions activities using a criticality risk-based approach.
- Establish Deliverable Distribution Matrix based on Supplier Document Registers.
- Regularly visit critical item work locations.
- Work with the suppliers / contractors to ensure that the installed facilities:
(a) meet all Design, Safety, Quality, Schedule, Construction and Regulatory Requirements
(b) meet Project Goals for Safety, Operability, Reliability and Environmental Performance
- Coordinate Project Documentation Turnover Plan with Suppliers / Contractors.

Construction Management
• Develop and implement construction surveillance plans for the site.
• Approval of contractor's construction management plans.
• Support Site to determine the need for Design and Construction Specialists and Inspectors as required.
• Coordinate Company's response to vendor/site queries in a timely manner to avoid schedule impact.
• Provide site specific inspection reports during surveillance activities at vendor fabrication facilities / sites / etc.
• Ensure engineering query and field query processes are implemented and all queries are addressed in a timely manner.

While the primary location is the St. John's office, the role will necessitate that time will be required at the Muskrat Falls site increasing as the transition occurs from engineering, through procurement and into construction.

Graduation from a recognized university with a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering (Mechanical or Electrical) or a diploma in technology with an equivalent experience.

• 10 to 15 years successful experience on delivery of major packages for large projects, in technical as well as project management and construction roles.
• Prior experience interfacing with and managing delivery of large scopes in a large project execution environment.
• Strong understanding of project management processes and management systems.
• Contract formulation and administration experience, including negotiation and close-out.
• Strong background with resolution of technical / management issues during projects planning and execution phases.