Minimizing and optimizing inshore and offshore hook-up and commissioning scope, by providing assistance to Commissioning and Construction during Inshore and Offshore phase.
The main tasks are:
- An integrated part of the organisation at Inshore site at Rosenberg and Offshore.
- Minimising the inshore and offshore hook-up scope by assist Commissioning with prioritizing the potential hook-up, taking into account safety, schedule and commissioning consequences.
- Close cooperation with the Topside and Onshore Organization at Onshore Control center Dusavika and Onshore Power station in order to minimize offshore hook-up and establish commissioning shedule.
- Participate in planning activities as required and establish Commissionings plans .
- Participate in HSE analyses as required.
- Participate in Quality Examinations as required.
- Establish Commissioning plans in Safran, development Hanging Garden for handover RFCC and RFOC
- Establish Start-up schedule for Martin Linge and integrate all Milestones in to the schedule plan.
- The position shall be reporting to the Commissioning Manager during the Inshore and Offshore phases.

This position requires close interaction with the following disciplines:
- All engineering disciplines Topside.
- Construction and the hook-up team.
- Hook-up responsible planning team including Completion planner
- System Commissioning Engineer
- Martin Linge Marine organization FSO
- Martin Linge Operation organization
- Rosenberg organization
- Subsea organization for Dewatering and Well testing
- Statoil home office in the Completion organization

The experience, qualifications and abilities required for this position are as follows:
- Minimum 5 years of experience from offshore construction and commissioning activities.
- Minimum 2 years of management experience from offshore construction and commissioning activities.
- Extensive knowledge of Statoil’s governing documentation.
- Well developed teambuilding, co operational- and communication abilities.
- Ability to handle responsibility and periodically high workloads

Duration: 02.05.2018 - 30.04.2019
Options: 4 x 2 months
Location: Stavanger - Sporadic offshore

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