- Provides day-to-day on-site supervision of rig-based well activities.
- Is the primary contact with the Drilling Contractor and third party contractors to ensure operations are performed in accordance with operational requirements, guidelines and programs, and in a safe and cost-effective manner.
- Keeps the Platform Manager informed about issues relating to HSE, work management, simultaneous operations and significant technical well abnormalities.
- Coordinates resources of offshore execution team.
- Ensuring that operations comply with clients Management System.
- Be responsible for health and safety procedures being continuously enforced, and making capable decisions in emergency situations to prevent well catastrophes or significant financial losses.
- Ensure that rig and platform systems and third party equipment is adequately and properly maintained Ensure that drilling and completion procedures and programs are followed as planned and conducted in a safe and efficient manner.
- Ensure changes to programmes are risk assessed and risks mitigated (ALARP) and communicated to the workforce Organize and order the necessary services and equipment to conduct drilling and completion operations.
- Ensure accurate and adequate reports and records are kept regarding operations, equipment, and performance evaluation.
- Approve the daily activity reports for rig-based activities.
- Ensure potential pollution control problems are considered, and the contingency plans are understood by involved personnel.
- Ensure that drills relating to well control are held on a regular basis.
- Maintain inventory of all equipment/materials/supplies to ensure a smooth ongoing operation.
- Ensure timely and accurate cost follow-up.
- Capture operational lessons learned for continuous performance improvement.
- Ensures that the handover process between the offshore execution team members is effective.
- Participate in the onshore planning process when necessary.
- Relieve the Drilling Superintendent as required.

- BSc Technical Graduate
- IWCF well control certificate
- Valid offshore survival certificate
- Valid Norwegian health certificate
- Minimum 10 years’ experience within the oil & gas business, min 5 years as drilling supervisor
- Good knowledge of regulations and relevant standards
- Broad offshore experience with subsea completion and clean-up / DST activities from a floater
- Preferable offshore experience with 6th generation rigs / dual derrick

Personal qualities:
- Creative, open, responsible and entrepreneurial
- Focused on performance and deliveries towards cost
- Self-motivated and self-driven
- Team oriented
- Very good communicating skills
- Fluent in English (oral and written)
- Good commercial understanding

Duration Start +/- August - estimated duration 50 - 90 days
Location Some time for planning and preparatioin work at Stavanger can be expected prior to drilling start-up. Then offshore, 3 candidates on night shift and 3 candidates on day shift.

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