One of our clients are now looking for an experienced senior project responsible buyer, to one M&M Contracts team in Stavanger, who shall systematically and efficiently manage project procurement requirements from creation through execution to close out. This includes to ensure maximizing operational and financial performance and minimizing risk in contracts which he is responsible off. The person should be able to participate in all aspects of procurement development within our projects, this also involves liaison with clients, equipment suppliers and other internal disciplines.

- Be visible to Project Management with clear communication- and reporting requirements to Project Procurement Manager (PPM)
- Perform daily search in IFS (ERP system) for new Purchase Requisitions (PR), released and authorized from Engineering. An authorized PR shall be ready for purchase.
- Understand the importance of Code of Conduct and business Ethics to secure a professional & commercial responsibility, with clear audit trail
- Establish Negotiation strategy and how to establish/secure competition/advantages and minimize risk
- Become a professional gatekeeper for Procurement activities and follow up categorization of equipment, priority level (PRI 1 & PRI 2 equipment) and Strategic procurement considerations, based on defined packages
including risk assessment
- Be able to follow up set criteria for transfer of Client's T&Cs into 3rd Party agreement to control- and minimize risk exposure for the client.
- Be the single point of Contact to all 3rd Parties for Commercial discussions and other relevant coordinating activities
- Have close cooperation with PRE and Pre Fab Coord and ensure clear understanding of formal communication requirements
- Ensure close involvement with roles such as Plan, QA, LCI/DCC and Commissioning to secure full picture
- Understand and communicate procurement plan and potential changes to plan
- Ensure Formalized documentation that can be tracked (Storage requirements for mails, minutes, document revisions etc)
- Become holder of 3rd Party procurement budgets, and follow up status reporting, with clear ownership of commercial development and change effect on budget overrun, that have a clear formal audit trail of correspondence and communication, illustrating internal improvement in accordance with defined 3rd Party Management of Change (MoC) process
- Ensure that all relevant internal personnel, such as LCI/DCC and QA is around the table at Kick off with 3rd Party, with a clear agenda and follow up activities after the meeting
- Understand Client’s Budget for procurement and PRBs responsibility to follow up and communicate changes
- Become owner of follow up activities for all procurement in accordance with defined risk considerations in the project to strategic manage 3rd Parties
- Follow up all roles that have actions against 3rd Parties, to ensure required progress
- Be the coordinator of SQS activities such as planned follow up activities, distribution of formal documents and minute commercial meetings with follow up actions related to defined SQS plan
- Ensure timely delivery of all documentation according to SDRL

3rd Party VOR:
- Ensure early identification of a 3rd party not performing according to contract and propose mitigating actions after internal agreement and alignment with relevant roles involved
- Responsible for close out of the procurement package including final account and experience transfer/lessons learned activities.

- Minimum of five (5) years of relevant experience in offshore modification projects
- Have solid knowledge within contracting and procurement, and understand commercial risk attached to Client’s set terms and conditions
- Technical or Economical college degree or Certificate of apprenticeship in relevant discipline
- Long relevant experience and/or additional qualifications may compensate for lack of relevant formal education

Personal qualities
- Good communication and cooperation skills
- Structured and systematic approach
- Good analytic skills
- Able to work on a number of complex tasks at the same time
- Proactive, solution orientated and goal orientated

Duration 23.01.2017 - 31.12.2017
Location Stavanger

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