The Project Assurance Engineer is responsible for providing support to Project Manager and Alliance management team to ensure successful implementation of Project management principles as defined in client’s management system.
Furthermore, the Project Assurance engineer is responsible for planning, coordinating and perform project assurance activities to secure compliance and quality to client’s governments system. Project Assurance Engineer will be a part of the management team for the asset.

- Act as support to Asset integration manager, Alliance Manager(s) and Project Manager(s) by providing an independent perspective on project execution.
- Support Projects and alliances in the implementation of the project delivery model and Project Management principles (32-00011)
- Act as a resource for core members of the alliances, ensuring that the individual projects develop assurance plans in alignment with client´s expectations
- Support projects in the development of performance metrics, in alignment with client´s vision, strategy and goals. Contribute to the development of project Key Performance Indicators in alignment with the Goal Breakdown Structure.
- Focus on execution performance, customer relations and stakeholders.

Secure & Ensure
- Secure and assure governance and knowledge of requirements in the project (including alliance) (Codes & standards etc.)
- Ensure implementation and set-up of MOC, DR/NCR, TQ, Interface & LL and act as a coordinator in the project.
- Ensure governing requirement are fulfilled for the total facility SOW.
- Ensure "See To It" duty is fulfilled in cooperation with HSSE
- Ensure the Project plans to systematic utilize organizational learning to continual improve, provide support on system and processes for organizational learning.
- Ensure the Project plans to systematic utilize organizational learning to continual improve, provide support on system and processes for organizational learning.
- Ensure that experiences are captured in a structured manner, enabling for continuous improvement of the way we work in Projects.

- Perform assurance activities to validate and verify that all parts of the project (incl. alliances) have implemented a management system in compliance with requirements in 32-00011 Project Development Process
- Act on poor performance on the defined Quality indicators for the projects – ensure root cause analysis and Quality campaigns
- Plan, coordinate and perform quality assurance activities towards all projects undertaken by client in accordance with requirements.
- Establish and follow-up the monitoring plan based on criticality assessment by
- Ensure 3rd party engagement when relevant
- Establish and implement the Audit and verification program per project
- Lead system Audits and relevant verifications (internal and external) to secure that relevant directives and specification are implemented and followed
- Continually search for improvements to the BMS processes that governs the execution and maturation of projects.
- Contribute to the development of training and education material for personnel undertaking work in client´s projects.
- Contribute to the development of templates, guidelines and processes in the BMS
- Promote quality management awareness and culture within client´s projects and alliances
- Promote implementation of client´s Lean philosophy in Projects, always seek to reduce waste and optimize flow efficiency.

- MSc, MBA or similar recognized engineering / economics/ Project Management degree
- Relevant experience may compensate for formal education

- Skilled professional with broad exposure to full life cycle projects in the industry
- Excellent working knowledge from opportunity evaluation through project execution and close out
- Experience in the development and application of assurance plans, in accordance with project maturation requirements.
- Experience from both operator- and contractor project positions and alliance models considered an advantage
- Experienced user of standard Microsoft Office applications and PIMS software
- Strong Quality Management (QA) competence
- Project management experience/understanding
- Experienced Lead Auditor

Personal characteristics
- Self-starter with a strong delivery focus and excellent problem solving and analytical skills
- Competent to lead, mentor and inspire a multi-disciplinary project management team
- Strong and effective communication skills
- Hands-on experience using project management systems and processes (Risk Management/ MOC/ Project Assurance/ Project Execution Plan (PEP) etc.)
- Team player with ability to interface with and influence a wide range of teams / disciplines
- Driving continuous improvement, using Lean as a management philosophy
- Behavior in accordance with clients “SAFER” values
- Ability to recognize and solve problems, make decisions and drive progress.

Duration 19.08.2019 - 19.08.2020
Location Stavanger

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