- Be part of DevOps team (full stack) supporting the development of “Next Generation Well Delivery” (D&W) project and Production Attainment (Petec).
- The DevOps teams will in addition to the project build on and incorporate data towards Azure/Omnia data lake: building data pipelines from different source data (data ingestion).
- Make existing pipelines more robust, combine different data together (data transformation) and build API’s for consumption (exposure)

- Master degree and 8+ years relevant experience OR
- Bachelor degree and 12+ years relevant experience OR
- 2+ years higher education and 16+ years relevant experience OR
- No higher education and 20+ years relevant experience
- Ability to analyze data to identify deliverables, gaps and inconsistencies.
- Ability to access various data sources and extract data. This can mean anything from ODBC/JDBC connections to databases to Kafka to HTTP/REST to FTP to ETL tools to provisioning manual data capture or upload facilities.
- Ability to ingest extracted data into a database or platform, cleanse and curate said data for future use. This means knowing SQL, Hive, or any other number of data manipulation tools.
- Ability to provision stored data into a form that can be used by front-end analytics products. This can involve creating semantic views of the data in a database to providing cube structures for analysis to providing streaming sources for ingestion into batch to real-time engines. The analytics applications can be straightforward BI visualization to predictive analytics to machine learning models. Tools and expertise
- Azure competence preferred
- C#, Python, JavaScript, relational databases preferred (developer)
- Experience with ETL/ELT data loads preferred (data science, data engineering)
- DevOps experience is nice to have
- Familiarity with modern source control systems (git preferred)
- Experience with Agile development is nice to have
- Able to understand various data structures and common methods in data transformation.
- Experience with NoSQL databases, such as MongoDB.
- RDBMS and data warehouses.
- Experience with schema design and dimensional data modeling.
- Fluent English

Duration ASAP - 30.06.2020
Location Bergen - Sandsli

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