Provides security support to facilities and projects or support to key Global Security processes (e.g. intel, personnel and executive protection, technical security, business support).

Global Security Advisor should have core expertise in security operations, intelligence, personnel and executive protection, technical security and/or business support while interfacing and building relationships within Global Security and with other internal customers (e.g., business lines, Global Real Estate & Facilities (GREF) ) and internal partners (e.g., P&GA (Public & Government Affairs), Information Technology
Procurements, Law, Medical and Occupational Health (MOH)) to meet business needs.

Tasks & Responsibilities
Understand applicable Global Security processes and recommended practices to support business implementation of security programs.
- Become familiar with operating assets, facilities and or projects within job scopeand area of operations. - Understand how Operations Integrity Management System (OIMS) is used to drive security performance and support the corresponding work processes.
- Support development of security deliverables in area of emphasis (e.g.,operations, intel, personnel and executive protection, technical security, business support) to meet business needs.
- Assist with development of Site Security Contacts with area of expertise and area of operations. - Establish liaisons with internal and external stakeholders, clients, partners and contacts.
- Become familiar with complementary, security-related skills (e.g., risk management, emergency preparedness and response, OIMS).

- College level education or equivalent
- 5-10 years" of relevant years of experience in Security
- Workin a complex organization - Communicate and present to a wide range of audiences
- Exercise critical thinking - Influence and lead others in the absence of having a direct line of authority
- Strictly maintain the confidentiality of highly sensitive information
- Proficiently use Microsoft Office and other collaboration tools