- Support the project in preparing for Decision Gates and readiness reviews
- Ensure that project/Alliance have understood the contract requirements for management of risk and QA/QC
- Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Quality Improvement in accordance with BMS and Project Organisation requirements.
- Reporting daily to the Project Manager

Implementation of Business Management System (BMS) Requirements:
- Assist with implementation and follow-up of the project management system and quality management requirements in the Projects/Alliances (BMS processes for project management)
- Verify Supplier Quality System through Aker BP and Alliance resources

- Manage the (PIMS) project management modules defined as mandatory for Aker BP (Deviations / Non-Conformity/ Assurance/ Meetings/ Management of Change/ Decisions/ Risk and opportunity Register)

Risk Management:
- Risk management - coach organisation in process execution and in the correct use of tools, including facilitate risk workshops.
- Facilitation and follow-up of criticality assessments
- Give input to and follow-up the risk register
- Following up Alliance Risk Program and coordinate Risk review

Provide Quality Assurance Oversight and Support:
- Establish scope of work for quality management for the project based on project deliverables and level of criticality
- Establish overview of and identify total verification plan for the project/Alliance activities in accordance with the Aker BP Three Lines of Defence model
- Develop, support, perform and follow-up Assurance plans for Project/Alliance,
- Ensure that plans are updated and regularly reviewed by the Management, Engineering and Procurement team
- Prepare, lead and produce reports including response from audits, verifications and self-assessments
- Perform contractor/ subcontractor follow-up activities in an alliance environment
- Verify that QC plans are established and implemented
- Acquire and coordinate quality QA/QC Engineers
- Evaluation of Inspection and Test Plan (ITP)
- Establish a quality improvement plan in close cooperation with the Project Management Team (PMT)

Quality Control:
- Ensure that QC activities are fulfilled in accordance with see-to duty
- Follow-up and participate project Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) as when required.
- Expediting package deliveries
- Support project offshore representative when required
- Project report on QC activities (verification plan) and site report
- Establish KPI report (e.g. quality incidents/failure)
- Verification and review of quality documents as part of project inter-disciplinary control (IDC)
- Verify/acceptance Company Provide Items (CPI) deliveries
- Lead, coordinate and support Management of Change activities
- Communicate and share lessons learned from quality incidents
- Lead, coordinate and support handling of quality incidents and quality cost reporting
- Register and handle Quality incidents
- Track, monitor, and follow-up quality incidents
- Lead or support after action reviews, Root-Cause and Failure Analysis for quality incidents
- Participate in quality incident investigations
- Evaluation of dispute information and prepare claim submissions

Coordination and Integration Activities:
- Coordination between Alliances, front office in business unit and back office Quality & Assurance department
- Coordination with Project Assurance activities
- Coordination with Engineering
- Support the engineering team in order to receive Supplier/Alliance quality documentation in due time
- Support handling of Technical Queries, Deviations and Nonconformities
- Overview of and support audits and technical verifications of the engineering processes
- Coordination with Procurement
- Support procurement in review and acceptance of invitation to tender (ITT) documents
- Support procurement in evaluation of tenders
- Perform audits on Supplier/Alliances in order to verify conformity, improvements and opportunities
- Coordination with Construction and Completion
- Work integrated with the construction team in QA/QC and Risk related issues, and be responsible for closing of any issues
- Verify qualifications of QC personnel, and oversee QC plan performance

- University degree, minimum bachelor, in an Engineering discipline
- Senior Engineer: 5-10 years relevant experience from offshore development projects
- Project execution and insight into all business units (D&W, Development & Modification Projects, Operations, Engineering, SCM)
- Quality assurance and quality control
- Good knowledge of ISO 9000 series of standards
- Regulatory competence for the petroleum industry
- Risk management
- Designing management systems and documentation, process design, process re-engineering, process implementation
- Quality systems/management systems
- Quality management and oversight of suppliers and vendors
- Change management and implementation
- Strong facilitation skills with teaching qualifications or experience
- Handling of non-conformances and deviations
- Investigation of quality incidents
- Good understanding of quality assurance methods and tools (including knowledge of Inspection and test planning tools, as well as problem-solving tools)
- Strong strategic and analytical skills to see patters and correlations that can support decision basis to minimize Costs of Quality
- Experience reviewing quality documentation and auditing quality programs
- Auditing Vendors
- (Lead) Auditor Certification
- Experience interfacing with Suppliers, Engineering, and Sourcing to drive Quality improvements that minimize Costs of Quality
- Improving supplier quality performance for assigned suppliers via Quality Plan implementation.
- Supplier selection through robust qualification processes

- Knowledge of Ula / Valhall assets and experience from Aker BP will be appreciated
- Lean Six Sigma experience
- Business Process management
- Strong verbal and written communication skills

Duration ASAP - 17.09.2021
Location Stavanger

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