- You will be working in a large project environment, close together with product owners, end users and tech development team.
- Your responsibility as CJ/CX consultant will be to design, plan and excecute all work related to mapping and developing key customer/user journeys, and supporting both product owners and development team with work related to improving the user experience of the digital twin solution.

- Master degree and 4+ years relevant experience OR
- Bachelor degree and 8+ years relevant experience OR
- 2+ years higher education and 12+ years relevant experience OR
- No higher education and 15+ years relevant experience

The consultant must be experienced with:
- Market standard practices of mapping customer/user journeys
- Working with standard tools and methods for improving Customer Experience
- Experience in User Interface Design within a technical environment

Duration 15.10.2019 - 31.12.2020
Location Trondheim, Rotvoll

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