- Leading offshore Drilling, Completion and Abandonment activities for a specific Drilling Rig/ Unit per applicable COP and Wells Controlling Documents

- Position requires competency/experience as defined for "head of department" in OLF 024 Guidelines
- Lead Offshore Drilling Teams during the Well Execution Phases, acting and performing in a professional manner – inspiring others to act and perform in a similar manner.
- Be a Safety, Health and Environmental Champion, i.e. demonstrating safety awareness, respect for the environment and compliance of procedures and policies.
- Be an Effective Communicator, i.e. provide clear, concise information to other personnel.

- Ensure rig operations are conducted in accordance with applicable program/ procedures and that safe work practices always are followed. Stop operations, take “Time out” or conduct a SJA as required to ensure safety and risks are acceptable.

- Handover with Supervisor of opposite and in rotation shift.
- Have status/ coordination meeting with Drilling Contractor & Service Companies (Morning for Day Supervisor, evening for Night Supervisor).
- Conduct morning meeting with base office.
- Report operational activities in WellView accordingly.
- Report in SAP; requisitions, non-conformance, rig inspections, actions related to SAP tasks. Reporting non-conformance and apply for deviations in SAP as required.
- Support and follow up on experience transfer, verification of personnel training and competency, etc.
- Update and issue manning plan.
- Update inventory lists.
- Update operations plan in MOPS (MaxWell).
- Update the RiskIt during operations according to procedure 6481.
- Process "Work Permits/ Applications" as required by platform specific requirements.
- Participates in planning/ coordination meetings and act as Multiple Activity Coordinator as required by platform specific requirements.
- Manage an overview on rig rate allocations (ops., standby, repair, Trouble, etc.) as per contract definition.

- Call out personnel, services and materials as required to support operational plans.
- Maintain necessary inventory of rental equipment on board – back-load what is not required.
- Support Transport Dept. and the Logistics coordinator to optimize logistics and supply boat traffic.

- Report First Alert Incidents per WO-009
- Be an active supporter/facilitator for the safety in all job executions.
- Assure that all new personnel conduct Safety On Board (SOB) Training, Part 1 & 2, and that all personnel (incl. temp. replacement) involved in operations are competent and trained for their work tasks.
- Report incidents and well kicks according to procedure 4743 and 4742.
- Support and participate in weekly HES meetings.
- Conduct/ participate in regular rig inspections

Required competency:
- Master/Petroleum Engineer Degree or relevant education or experience (min 5 years of experience as offshore supervisor within Wells)

Preferred competency:
- Provides direction to the offshore crew
- Define/drives critical business opportunities & needs
- Exercises power responsibly/ALM
- Obtains essential resources
- Represents the organization on critical strategic issues

Preferred Leadership Competencies:
Takes Accountability, Makes Decisions, Empowers Others, Partners Collaboratively, Communicate Effectively, Demonstrates Financial/Quantitative Acumen, Leads Change.

Duration Jan/Feb 2020 - approx. 12 months
Location Offshore - 2/4 rotation

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