- Work with other disciplines and business units to meet customer requirements.
- Support key internal stakeholders across the business to ensure operational success
- Identify opportunities for operational excellence and cost saving
- SCM tasks as required
- Execute all kinds of purchases within the section and within projects.
- Work with technical disciplines to ensure correct technical specifications exist for purchase agreements
- Actively work to avoid single source and bid waiver situations where possible
- Select appropriate contract form and compensation models for the scope of work to be purchased.
- Ensure a thorough and complete scope of work definition and technical specification for all purchasing enquiries.
- Ensure that Company Business ethics are adhered to
- Ensure that bidding processes are controlled and adhered to
- Negotiate the best total cost situation for Company.
- Include the appropriate penalties and guarantees in purchase agreements ensuring the supplier delivers the scope of work without undue delay.
- Request and coordinate legal assistance where required.
- Verify that Supplier has a thorough knowledge of his scope of work and deliverables in any purchase agreement.
- Communicate with clients within the professional area and discipline.

- Strong educational background with minimum a Bachelor's Degree Bachelor's MSc/Bsc Degree in relevant discipline area or documented extensive experience in the field
- Good knowledge of English, both written and oral
- 5+ years working in offshore oil & gas industry with SCM
- Understanding of operating in international business environment
- Supplier market knowledge
- Knowledge of the offshore drilling / oil industry
- Strong Negotiation skills
- Strong communication skills
- Ability to work systematically
- Strong customer service orientation
- Able to manage multiple interfaces with and meet internal customer needs
- Good knowledge of IT tools and systems within area of responsibility
- Good knowledge of English, both written and oral, including excellent presentation skills
- Good stakeholder management skills
- Good knowledge of oil industry contract terms and conditions
- Knowledge of forms of Guarantees and liquidated damages.
- Technical understanding of drilling and marine equipment.
- Good Supplier Relationship Management skills
- Good knowledge of Contract formats used in the oil and Gas industry
- Ability to negotiate and implement contractual mechanisms ensuring progress and cost control

Duration ASAP - 31.12.2019
Opsjoner Possible extension
Location Bergen

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