- Support Drilling Supervisor as required.
- Liaise with the onshore Drilling Engineering team and assure that the draft DOPs from onshore are accurate and contain all relevant technical information and data.
- Responsible for establishing and verifying tubular tallies, and cement calculations etc.
- Ensure drilling parameters are within requirements in programs and DOPs.
- Ensure the Risk Register is used actively in the DOP process and ensure this is fully updated
- Ensure MoC process is applied when required.
- Assure all relevant documentation, plots etc. are stored in correct folders
- Drive Continuous Improvement: Lead and document all AAR on all D&C operations ASAP upon completion of the task with those directly involved.
- Collect and collate Lessons Learned from crew members with implementation into database / AAR and for Lessons Learned review.
- Administer appropriate learnings to the crew prior to operation.
- Challenge the current well design and operational matters on a continuous basis during operation/drilling to find areas for improvement.
- Work with logistics coordinator, vendors, deck crews and drill floor to assure that once prepared, tools are staged to an area that will allow utilization with the least amount of impact on critical path.
- Together with logistics coordinator assure equipment is prepared for back loading and removed from the rig ASAP.
- Coach Rig contractor (crane operator/deck foreman) in making deck plans for casing and completion handling.
- Will be working in a centralized organization where communication skills with other function located in different locations will be of paramount importance to ensure the safety and success of his projects.

- Minimum BSc degree or similar in engineering sciences
- Minimum 3 years of experience in drilling and well planning/operations, including offshore experience
- Good communication skills across disciplines and with Contractors.
- Experienced user of Excel, Word and other PC software.
- Familiar with NORSOK and ISO standards.
- Fluent in Norwegian and English.

- Taking initiative, engagement, and tenacity requested
- Confidentiality, reliability
- Good interpersonal communication and influencing skills
- Business-oriented
- Strong analytical capability

Core values:
Health, Safety & Environment
- Excellence in HSE is demanded and integral to everything we do.

- Commitment to ethical operations and respect to all individuals across all organizations.

- Take responsibility of actions and results, personally commit to the success of Neptune Energy.

- Only together can we grow, only in partnership can we succeed.

Duration 01.10.2019 - 31.12.2020
Options Possible extension is indicated
Location Offshore rotation, 2/4

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