- Overall management and administration of the contract between the Client and the Customer
- Fulfil budgeted financial result for the Study
- Fulfil all commitments set in the contract. This implies responsibility for ensuring that all HSE goals, quality requirements, financial goals and schedule requirements are achieved.
- Lead and coordinate the study team
- Accountable for Studies deliverables, execution in own organisation and in accordance to statutory requirements, laws and regulations, Customer requirements and the Clients requirements (W3).
- Manage and approve resources allocated to the study and at any time, ensure that requests for necessary resources are directed to the resource responsible unit
- Ensure that the project organisation has the necessary knowledge of laws, regulations, standards and procedures that apply to the study
- Ensure knowledge of Life Cycle Information (LCI) and/or Documentation for Operation (DFO) deliverable sin accordance to Contract/Project requirements.
- Establish the required engineering interface information towards external and internal organisational units and projects
- Managing external interfaces with other Contractors
- Ensure that supplier information required to complete the work is identified and communicated within the study team
- Ensure that relevant design verification activities are adequate and carried out as required.
- Ensure that requirements from fabrication, installation, system completion, operations and other relevant parties are fully known and observed
- Ensure integration of third parties or other contractor personnel as required
- Identify and report project risks within the scope of work.
- Ensure that study team have a responsible attitude towards man-hours budgets and schedule and report progress in a weekly basis.
- Report internal and external status and implement required corrective actions to ensure optimal study execution
- Overall responsibility for all conversation and communication with Customer.
- Ensure experience transfer from the project, including areas as quality, working methods, IT systems, cost and schedule

- Engineer; Bachelor or Master
- Experience from M&M contracts
- Technical experience and 5-10 years relevant experience from Oil & Gas
- Active & open, focus on management, seek best practice / solutions
- Proactive, find best solutions / cost effective
- Close relationship to management / own team
- Positive
- Manage to deliver in due time, in agreement with cost and plan
- Language; Norwegian & English in writing & verbally
- Structured and tidy

Duration Soonest - 31.12.2020
Location Bergen

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