Developer within smart maintenance, developer full -stack within underground architecture, smart subsea and digital worker.

- Develop state-of-the-art applications using the latest and greatest technology available
- Be part of an autonomous cross-functional team that owns a problem and solves it
- Build what needs to be built to solve your usersĀ“ problems
- Create and contribute to open source software projects

- Experience developing applications
- Experience with writing modern javascript
- A passion for emerging web technologies
- Great at working closely with designers and other developers
- Like solving problems end to end
- Worked with a modern JS library (React, Vue, Choo, Mithril, Angular etc.)
- Experience with a state management library (Redux, MobX)
- Experience with Google Cloud Platform services, Azure, and/or AWS
- Pragmatic about unit testing, integration testing and E2E testing
- Fluent in English, both written and oral

Duration 19.08.2019 - 10.06.2020
Location Stavanger

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