PM role within the client Operations T&T organization, Migration of network and customer services, Decommission and disposal of hardware 6 months assignment, with possible extension requirement.

Description of main tasks and duties in position:
- Responsible for safeguarding sound planning and execution of the migration of network services as well as Financial Services systems to the new FET DC and secondary site, and decommission and disposal of server/HW from existing DCs. IBM is responsible for the planning and execution of the server migration, while client is responsible for safeguarding contribution according to the contract.

Required skills for the position:
- Strong IT operations experience and competence, especially within network services and servers.
- Strong PM competence and experience.
- Experience from complex IT service migrations.
- Strong communication skills.
- Language: Norwegian and English

Preferred personal characteristics:
- Experience from working in the interfaces with customers and vendors.
- Experience from working at management level in large organizations.
- Experience and knowledge about the client organization.

Required education and education level:
- Minimum 5 years College/University degree.

Preferred personal characteristics:
- Strong communication skills.
- Ability to understand complex systems and challenges.
- Strong Quality awareness, not taking things for granted.
- Strong ability to get the important things done.

Duration 21.08.2017 - 21.02.2018
Options Possible extension
Location Fornebu, Oslo

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