- Quality control material master data
- Cataloguing, codification, creating and optimizing Bill of Materials (BOM)
- Quality control client catalogue and relevant documentation
- Verification and implementation of spare parts required for maintenance programs
- Verification of materials/spares from vendors and equipment supplier
- Verify and ensure correct materials in Warehouse, both offshore and onshore
- Responsible for quality of material master data and relevant documentation
- Contribute and assist spare parts in evaluation process
- Develop fact sheets and record sheets for equipment
- Manage LCI documentation

- Experience within material master data management
- Formal higher education within Engineering is preferred
- Basic understanding of SPIR
- Experience with coding and valve requirements (type of valves), instruments, rotating equipment, categories, spare parts for valves, consumables, coding and requirements of drilling equipment
- Coding and requirements of chemicals
- Installation system knowledge, familiar with operation and safety procedures
- Understanding of SAP material data management module
- Understanding standardization of information
- Identifying, classifying, recording/cataloguing, quality assuring, relating and updating of mechanical drilling
- Understanding of electrical, instrumentation and automation equipment
- Understanding of spare parts data and technical descriptions for offshore installations
- Minimum 5 years of experience within material data management in SAP
- Understanding of SAP PM module and maintenance programs
- Experience with other systems than SAP will be an advantage

Duration 18.06.2019 - 19.06.2020
Location Stavanger

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