- The Flow Assurance engineer in development projects is responsible for all flow assurance related issues and to ensure optimal and safe design of the field.
- The Flow Assurance engineer shall ensure that the overall functionality, integrity and operability of the production, injection and export systems are taken care of, including interfaces to subsea and processing facilities.

The responsibilities comprise:
- Flow assurance analysis; define the multiphase transportation network and receiving facilities to mitigate flow assurance risks such as flow instabilities/slugging, hydrates, wax, asphaltene, scale, erosion, vibration, etc.
- Manage and ensure interface with key project disciplines, specifically on topics like production chemistry, consistent PVT, integrated modeling of the production system, input to topside pressure protection, etc.
- Pressure protection of systems such as chemical/gas/water injection systems, wells, gas lift-, production- and export lines
- Project documentation and deliverables; ensure documented quality of FA deliverables in accordance with project schedules and budget
- The Flow Assurance engineer shall be in a continuous dialogue with the discipline network and anchor the decisions with the applicable leading advisors, as per established QA/QC process.

- Master's Degree. Specialist Flow Assurance competence.
- Minimum 8 years of experience with flow assurance work in field development projects.
- Expert competence with use of the flow assurance simulation tools OLGA and PVTsim is required. Good understanding of subsurface, transportation and subsea systems and interfacing production facilities, combined with project execution in practice.
- Good collaboration skills and the ability to work in multidiscipline teams.
- Ability to handle multiple tasks and area of responsibility within the available time frame.
- Language requirements: English and Norwegian

Duration asap - 31.12.2019
Location Fornebu or Stavanger

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