- Bring reservoir engineering perspective to help maximize long-term value of Greater Ekofisk assets.
- Perform reservoir performance monitoring, forecasting, drilling target portfolio optimization, reserves and resources assessments.
- Collaborate with stakeholders to build reservoir models, create sustainable reservoir management plans and provide reliable production forecasts for the field.

- Provide reservoir engineering expertise in support of field development and well planning activities.

- Build development plans, voidage management strategies and operating and surveillance plans to maximize field recovery in collaboration with reservoir management team.
- Integration of production / injection data analyses, reservoir / drilling target characterization, 4D seismic interpretation and reservoir compaction / subsidence data
- Application of analytical and numerical reservoir performance analysis methods
- Lead projects and progress initiatives to improve long-term production and overall value of asset
- Actively engage with G&G teams to integrate all available data and performance analysis into coherent understanding of waterflood dynamic behaviour and implement in models
- Drive new technology development activities within reservoir management, modelling and uncertainty evaluation
- Collaborate with other disciplines including production operations and wells
- Keep co-venturers abreast of improvement activities through license activities and meetings

Required skills:
- MSc degree or equivalent in Reservoir Engineering
- 5+ years of relevant industry experience
- Experience with classical RE analysis methods

Preferred Skills:
- Experience with analytical waterflood performance analysis methods
- Experience with fractured reservoirs, specifically with chalk reservoirs
- Experience with reservoir simulation
- Takes accountability
- Communicates effectively, partners collaboratively

Duration 01.08.2019 - 10 months from date of hire
Options Possible extension is indicated
Location Tananger, Stavanger

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