The main tasks for the production engineer will be;
- Subsurface input to preparations for production start-up
- Follow-up actions to ensure good production attainment
- Prepare system for production optimization, allocation and deferral of the four fields at Njord A
- Cross disciplinary work with measuring and allocation, D&W, subsea, flow assurance, process facilities and the petech disciplines
- Well planning and follow up of the drilling operations and interventions
- Participation in project meetings, partner meetings and meeting on technical issues regarding operationalization of the tie-in agreements to Njord

- In depth knowledge of production engineering workflows and relevant software
- Experience with production allocation and production optimization
- Experience in well planning and follow up of drilling operations is preferred
- Good communication skills; ability to facilitate decision making with senior personnel, internal and external stakeholdes

Duration 01.07.2019 - 01.03.2020
Options 2 x 3 months
Location Stjørdal

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