Manage contractors in their designated area of the plant in regards to safety, quality and schedule.

• Reports to Construction Manager
• Functional control over Subcontractors/Vendors personnel for his/her assigned scope of work.
• Works on behalf of owner, managing and mitigating risks to meet or exceed set expectations.

• Timely, accurate and professional input, coordination, communication, oversight and safety maintenance throughout the construction cycle.
• Coordinates safety, scope and workforce through the subcontractors that are assigned to him/her.
• Execute the “PLAN

• Establish and maintain harmonious working relationships with all team members, internal and external (client and subcontractors)
• Participate in schedule development and schedule reviews
• Assist Construction Manager to help ensure that the necessary resources (tools, equipment, etc.) are available and in good operating condition prior to the time they are needed.
• Conduct on-going constructability reviews for early identification of problems, conflicts, interferences and other impediments.
• Review work packages prior to the event and understand assigned scope of work and package content
• Assist Safety Manager for managing and enforcing on site safety policy and work rules to ensure Compliance with Koch safety/environmental standards
• Ensure all site work permits are obtained for daily work activities (hot permits, confined space, crane access, etc.)
• Drives the field activities of his/her assigned subcontractor/vendor
• Ensures the project is being constructed in conformance with the plans, specifications, technical documents and the best standards of the trade
• Coordinate the work of the subcontractor/vendor field forces and reporting to the Construction Manager any lack of performance
• Coordinate work activities with other coordinators and their associated subcontractors/vendors
• Continuously look ahead for any roadblock that may affect productivity and address promptly
• Ensure housekeeping is maintained properly
• Control overtime hours for those under your control. Consult with Construction Manager before ordering overtime work to be performed.
• Provide supporting information for Construction Manager for shift/daily reports
• Provide supporting information for Construction Manager for various reports to assist job forecasting
• Monitor/manage his/her specific subcontractors/vendors installation with regards to their progress to ensure project schedule is being met
• Provide schedule updates to scheduler
• Ensure proper and compete turnover between shift counterparts.
• Develop individual work plans to bring schedule back in line if progress is not being met
• Provide supporting information for Construction Manager in the preparation of look ahead schedules
• Always look ahead trying to identify ways we can improve our means and methods in an effort to save the project money without jeopardizing the integrity of the project
• Attend coordination meetings with the subcontractors/vendors
• Attend contractor toolbox safety meetings
• Make timely notifications to QA/QC Manager of work that will be complete so inspections can be scheduled so as not to delay progress, completion and occupancy of the project
• Manage, coordinate and administer design/scope changes for their subcontractor/vendor
• Follow and participate in the AWS process for changes in scope
• Assist Construction Manager in the review of contractor/vendor quotations for change order work
• Communicate immediately any issue/concern that may impact schedule

2 Months - Either Day or Night Shift

Work Location
Fort Dodge, Iowa

Only applicants who are authorized to work in the US, without company sponsorship, on a full-time, permanent basis will be considered.
Applicants who are authorized to work in the US indefinitely without company sponsorship will be given first consideration.