- Independently design wells to meet the well objectives, and in accordance with governing regulations and processes and procedures.
- Prepare relevant input to key well planning documents, main drilling programs, drilling programs, HAZOP/ risk assessments, budget cost estimates, AFE’s and final well report.
- Implement well integrity throughout planning and execution phase.
- Execute the drilling programs and provide onshore technical support to the drilling operations.
- Ensure that drilling operations are carried out in accordance with objectives set out for safety and environmental performance.
- Monitor and report drilling operation performance.
- Follow up and QA/QC supplier’s services, studies and equipment deliveries.
- Facilitate and coordinate risk weighted decision analysis as required.
- Ensure lessons learned are incorporated into the designs.
- Offshore work and follow up as required.
- Comply with and follow up the MOC process (Management of Change).
- Ensure interface work towards other departments (facility, subsurface etc) is followed up.

- Minimum bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering or other relevant education.
- Minimum 5-10 years experience in D&W operations.
- Good knowledge of regulations and relevant standards.
- Extensive experience with well planning and well planning software.
- Sound technical understanding of development and exploration drilling, HSE and field operations.
- Experience with drilling operations using semi-submersible rigs.
- Good understanding of geology, subsea and commercial aspects.
- Offshore experience with drilling operations.

Duration 18.02.2019 - 14.02.2020
Location Stavanger

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