Omega has for over 20 years served the Oil and Gas sector with skilled project personnel, problem-solving software and solutions tailored to meet the clients’ needs. 

Omega is a trusted brand for the delivery of project personnel, software and solutions in the oil and gas sector. This trust builds on experience starting from 1994, and has secured Omega’s foothold within the sector ever since.

Omega’s ability to tailor the delivery of personnel, solutions and software to the clients’ specific needs, enables efficient execution of projects of every scale.

Experience and expertise underpin Omega's team; our consultants have skills across a wide variety of disciplines and possess a keen understanding of project execution throughout all phases. In addition, our dedicated team members offer access to an extensive network of industry contacts.

Our Project Information Management Systems, Pims, enable software solutions for a range of challenges encountered within oil and gas projects. The expansion of our Pims modules and the ability to tailor the programs to the individual clients’ needs have secured Omega the position as a major player in the oil and gas industry on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Job Location Published
Senior Structural Design Engineer Stavanger 18 Jan 2019
Project Development Automation/SAS Engineer Fornebu, Oslo 18 Jan 2019
Instrument/ SAS Engineer Bergen 18 Jan 2019
Porteføljekoordinator Stjørdal 18 Jan 2019
Arbeidsledere E & I fag (2) Haugesund 17 Jan 2019

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Pablo Tveita

Avdelingsleder prosjekttjenester
Ølensvåg, Norway
(+47) 90522184

Gunn Tollefsen

Consultant Manager
Oslo, Norway
(+47) 995 32 288

Mark Brand

Vice President – Consulting Services S
Houston, USA
(+1) 281 822 3036

Michael Critch

St. John’s, Canada
(+1) (709) 7530674

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