With years of experience from IT Management and software development, Omega offers IT consultancy to companies in a number of sectors. 

With a dedicated team of experienced employees, consultants and a wide portfolio of software systems, Omega is currently serving a number of complex projects and companies worldwide. 

Our experience is based on extensive services to large-scale projects in oil, gas and mining, transportation, infrastructure and the health care sector. We provide consultancy and tailor-made solutions for your projects, based on experience and expertise from all areas in IT, application and software development. 

Our IT services cover a wide specter of areas, such as 

  • Cloud Technology
  • Data science/Big data/Data analytics
  • IT project management/ Technical project management
  • IT Operation and Infrastructure
  • Internet of things
  • Integration
  • Management of complex projects
  • IT Architecture
  • Application and System development
  • Testing
  • Risk analysis
  • Quality assurance
  • Communication

Job Location Published
Full Stack Developer Within New Energy Solutions Area Trondheim - Rotvoll 18 Jan 2019
AR/VR/MS Azure Developer (2) Trondheim 18 Jan 2019
Azure Tech Lead Stavanger, Bergen, Ølensvåg 18 Jan 2019
Web Front-End Developer Stavanger 17 Jan 2019
Datavarehusutvikler/forvalter Stavanger eller Bergen 17 Jan 2019

Jobs Portal

Jan Christian Brataas

Department manager

Arvid Grønvoll

Head of recruitment
(+47) 982 86 876

Håvard Lea Olsen

Business Developer
Stavanger, Norway
(+47) 996 08 056

Anders Prestbø

Stavanger, Norway
(+47) 940 06 623

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