With years of experience from IT Management and software development, Omega offers IT consultancy to companies in a number of sectors. 

With a dedicated team of experienced employees, consultants and a wide portfolio of software systems, Omega is currently serving a number of complex projects and companies worldwide. 

Our experience is based on extensive services to large-scale projects in oil, gas and mining, transportation, infrastructure and the health care sector. We provide consultancy and tailor-made solutions for your projects, based on experience and expertise from all areas in IT, application and software development. 

Our IT services cover a wide specter of areas, such as 

  • Cloud Technology
  • Data science/Big data/Data analytics
  • IT project management/ Technical project management
  • IT Operation and Infrastructure
  • Internet of things
  • Integration
  • Management of complex projects
  • IT Architecture
  • Application and System development
  • Testing
  • Risk analysis
  • Quality assurance
  • Communication

Job Location Published
Systemutvikler Stjørdal 16 Aug 2019
Digitalisation Professional Stavanger 14 Aug 2019
Senior Data & Information Professional (2) Oslo 13 Aug 2019
Fullstack WPI Developer Stavanger 13 Aug 2019
IS Business Change Analyst (2) St. John's, NL 12 Aug 2019

Jobs Portal

Jan Christian Brataas

Department manager, Project systems

Arvid Grønvoll

Project Consultants Manager
(+47) 982 86 876

Håvard Lea Olsen

Business Developer, IT consultancy services
Stavanger, Norway
(+47) 996 08 056

Anders Prestbø

Coordinator, IT consultancy services
Stavanger, Norway
(+47) 940 06 623

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